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Kirk E. Kanady, MD


 Kirk E. Kanady, M.D graduated Medical School at Northwestern University. He completed his residency in Radiation Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, where he also served as Clinical Fellow in Radiation Oncology. Dr. Kanady is board certified in therapeutic radiation oncology. He has extensive experience with the latest techniques for treating cancer, with a particular emphasis in prostate cancer. He is a highly experienced practitioner who has performed over three thousand Prostate Seed Implants (brachytherapy). He is certified for SpaceOAR hydrogel application which improves sexual function and reduces rectal toxicity from prostate radiation.  With over 20 years of experience Dr. Kanady is also an expert in other modalities of Radiation Therapy including intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image guidance radiotherapy (IGRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery including Stereotactic Ablative Radiation (SABR) for prostate cancer.  Dr. Kanady is the founder and Medical Director of Greater Houston Radiation Oncology which provides professional services to several cancer centers in the Houston area.